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Master Topspin On Your Forehand

Learn simple and effective drills that work fast. Discover how to rip massive topspin on your forehand and start destroying your opponents with heavy, deep, topspin bombs from anywhere on the court. One of our MOST popular lessons and we're giving it away for FREE!

Discover The Basics Of Grips And Which One Is Right For You!

Learning how to grip the racket properly and how it can impact your game is extremely important when you begin playing tennis. Learn about the different grips and which one suits your game the best in this training video from ATP world tour pro Scott Doerner. 

The Tricks To Return Server Against Big Servers!

Returning can be hard enough, but it's MUCH harder against someone who has an excellent serve. Starting the point with a strong return of serve is so important we dedicated an entire video to it and included it FREE in your membership preview.

5 Simple Steps To The Slice Backhand

The slice backhand is one of the best shots you can hit to give yourself a chance to recover during points. The great thing about the slice is that you don't need to be defensive with it, you can use it as a defensive shot to buy time but your opponent still won't be able to attack you if you can hit it effectively. This video shows you how...

The Mid-Court Put Away Strategy

We have all been there before. The ball is just sitting there, how much easier can it be? We are WINNING! We only need to FINISH the point and smash this easy sitter for a winner. You know what they say though, "It's an easy ball, because it's EASY to miss." Well, this video will give you some quick insight into how you need to be attacking those short mid-court balls to win more points that you deserve. 

Kei Nishikori In Super Slow Motion Training

Kei Nishikori is one of the fastest and most consistent players in the world. Included in your FREE membership you will get over 10 minutes of super slow motion video training from Kei in Indian Well, CA. This is a great video to learn how he moves on the court and steal some tricks that you can use in your own game. Normally reserved only for our Platinum members we wanted to show you the "real" benefits of membership as a thank you for joining us. 

Stan Wawrinka Slow-Motion Training

No better way than to learn the one-hander than from Stan Wawrinka. In your FREE membership we have included some of our most popular slow motion ATP tour footage from the Platinum Member's vault so you can see exactly how top pros do what they do on court in super slow motion. Enjoy!

How To Attack The Middle In Doubles

The #1 rule in doubles if you don't already know is to hit the ball up the middle and low to give your opponents migrane headaches. This video shows you why this strategy is so effective especially at the club level against ANY doubles team. It makes you life simple and it makes their lives much harder.

Complete Guide To Poaching In Doubles

Poaching in doubles can be confusing and most club level players struggle with when they should poach and even "if" they should poach at all. This video will help you understand what poaching is for and exactly how to go about poaching to win more points in you weekly doubles matches. 

Increase The Power And Accuracy Of Your Serve

Discover the tricks that top players use to develop power and accuracy on the serve. It's not good enough to hit it hard, you also need to be able to hit the serve in at high percentage. This FREE video shows you the beginning steps to take your serve to that next level. 
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